A half century ago we believed that our genes controlled our growth. Every single people were fed with the concept that the genes control the growth from their schools. But this concept has been dumped out a few years back. With the advent of epigenetics we have finally discovered that our environment controls our genes.   Epigenetics have shown us how genes obey our Emotions!

Yes! Emotions do command our genes! In an experiment conducted by Dr. Bruce Lipton, in his laboratory have shown some of the most stunning discoveries of our cells.  He cultured a group of cells in two medium.  One of the medium had abundant number of nutrients that accelerated the growth of the cell. And the other medium was collected with toxins that inhibited the growth of the cells. He then kept the cells in the first medium that contained nutrients that supported the growth at one end of the dish. He observed that the cells traveled towards the opposite end of the dish where the nutrients was collected and kept. He noted that the cells not only migrated towards nutrients but also accelerated its growth. In the other dish which had toxins, the cells migrated away from the toxins. This was quite amazing! It not only migrated but it retarded its growth.  This proved that the environment can influence our growth at cellular level.

Yes! The epigenetics discovered that the environment could control the growth of our cells. The environment decides what the fate our cells should be on one hand.  The environment can be either favorable or not favorable for the growth of cells. The environment includes Toxins, Drugs or even Neuropeptides that carry emotions. Once a Neuropeptide binds with the cell membrane receptor it will generate a reaction cascade that activates DNA in the nucleus of the cell to undergo transcription and translation to produce proteins needed for its growth. These Neuropeptides are often produced from the Limbic system of our brain.

Yes! What would be the fate of our body if each and every cell in our body experiences this epigenetic phenomenon? Can you guess what will be our fate if we are nurtured with positive emotions? And can you guess what would be our fate if we are nurtured with negative emotions? The emotions are available in our body chemically as Neuropeptides. These neuropeptides can determine the nature of growth of our cells in our body.

Yes! In our daily life when we are been imparted with positive emotions like love, care and affection etc. it acts like the nutrients that aid the growth of our cells. But if we are imparted with negative emotions like unhealthy criticisms, stress, frustrations etc. it will act as toxins that would inhibit the growth of our cells. In other words Love promotes growth of the cells and fear regress the growth of the cells. But do you know to how much extent can our emotions affect our growth? Let me put forth an example of interesting clinical phenomena that you would see around you. It’s called the psychosocial dwarfism.

Psychosocial dwarfism is a condition seen in children brought up in an environment lacking positive feelings and those subjected to mental and physical abuse. Here the negative environment impacts the growth hormone negatively. It may be remembered that the Growth hormone is essential for growth of the body. It is vital for bone development, glycogenolysis in the liver, lipolysis in the adipose tissues and for synthesis of new proteins that are essential for the growth of our body. As a result of the poor environment the child’s growth rate suffers and the child does not attain the growth of other normal children of his / her age. But when this child with psychosocial dwarfism is exposed to a loving and caring environment, the growth rate is automatically accelerated without even administering the Growth hormone. This goes to show that negative impact on the mind has a direct impact on the total physiological development of an individual. And it also shows that positive impact on the mind has a direct impact on the total physiological development of an individual. In other words our emotions can control the Functioning of growth hormone that controls the growth of a person.

Studies have recently discovered that a sincere touch of mothers love can accelerate the production of nerve growth factor (NGF) causing a boost in the development of nervous system of child. Life becomes beautiful when love pierces into its skeleton. Love is not only an emotions but a spirit that can bring life into existence. Love is indeed the most expensive and precious gift that a human can achieve in his life. Growth is a process by which our cells proliferate and differentiate to different organs and systems in our body. Growth is the most vital medicine of our body that is essential for each and every child. Growth is aided by the growth hormone and insulin growth factors. Growth factor is influenced by the emotions that govern the activity of the growth hormone. Yes! Our emotions are the one that controls the activity of growth hormones and it production. Creation of positive emotions can create the most powerful and well efficient growth hormones that can bring sprout of growth in our children.

By imparting positive strokes like loving, caring and affection towards our children can boost his growth. Carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals are essential for the growth of a child. But these are only the raw material for the growth. But this cannot promote growth. For growth to occur Growth hormones plays the most vital role in the promotion of growth. And this growth is in turn controlled and influenced by our emotions. By generation of positive emotions we are indeed able to increase our growth. So spend time in activities that create happiness and start being with people who gives you positives and live with people whom you love the most. Share your positive feelings  with others. Live in the harmony of love that brings an amazing wealth of love that pours life into action. So promote your growth by boosting it with the most powerful positive emotions of love that stimulates and accelerates the growth of your body, by promoting skeletal growth, organogenesis through the action of growth hormones on its specified receptors. Boost your growth with the most powerful weapon on earth “Love”.


(1) The Science of Emotions: Dr. FahadBasheer Page: 30, 31 & 20


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