Emotions! Emotions are the medium through which we understand and apprehend each other’s attitude and stand towards the different situations of life. Emotions can be either pleasant or bitter. Positive emotions like love, joy and happiness give us the taste of the most pleasant pleasures of life. Whereas the bitter emotions like anger, disgust, hatred gives us heaviness in our chest and a bad feeling towards others and different incidences of our life. If we don’t Trans mutate these negative emotions they are more likely to get settled in the deepest portions of our mind. While most of us find difficult to manage these uprising negative emotions and may over react to situation and towards others, this cause them to loose relationships and work. Whereas most of us suppress these negative emotions in order to prevent hurting friends, family and coworkers and to get settled in work for acquiring pennies for daily bread. But do you know that suppression of negative emotions can imbalance ones immune system. Yes! Suppressing negative emotions can create an imbalance in the immune system of our body.
Studies have discovered that people who suppress their anger are likely to suffer a lot in their life. Though they save relationships from going sour, they generally end up being bitter. They find it difficult to find joy in the relationship as earlier, unless they transmutate their anger. Suppressed anger can trigger off stress patterns in our body. People who tend to suppress their anger or any other negative emotions have a decreased cell mediated immunity which is essential for the body to combat intracellular microorganisms that invade it, decreased blood monocytes that are essential for maintain immunity, elevated eosinophil which predisposes him to get more chances of getting allergy, poor NK activity that predisposes one to higher risk of viral infection and high serum EBV antibody titers indicating higher risk of infections like infectious mononucleosis. It was found that they also exhibit decreased levels of CD3 and CD8 lymphocytes. In short they save relationships yet lose out on health by the disruption of immune system thus increasing their chances for bacterial and viral infections. Some of them suppress their anger on account of fear or lack of inner courage to express their feelings in a refined manner. But this can also badly affect the immune system of our body. (1)

Here is a twist in the story of people who express their anger and negative emotions. The people who express their anger and negative emotions generally are the ones who let go off the emotion easily unlike some who live with it constantly for or a long time, even though they lose their relationships. Such people surprisingly have an increased NK Cell activity and decreased autonomic activity and change in blood reactivity to mitogens with rise in helper T cells and total lymphocyte counts. Such people can save their body but loose his relationships. After all loosing relationships is one of the major contributors to one’s stress! (1)

In sum, suppression of negative emotions can create an imbalance in immune system and increased susceptibility for viral infections and allergic reactions. And expressing the negative emotions can make people lose their precious relationships. So there comes a truth that both expressing and suppressing emotions can cause damage for a person. And the question comes then what is the solution in extinguishing the negative emotions that we experience in our daily life that imbalances our immune system.
In 2003 Dr. Richard Davidson and colleagues at university of Wisconsin – Madison investigated the impact of emotions on Flu. In it 52 participants were asked to recall the best and worst times of their life while having a brain scan. Next volunteers were given flu vaccine, and their flu antibodies were measured in serum after 6 months. It was discovered that the subjects who experienced negative emotions according to brain activity had fewer antibodies and the subjects who experienced the worst has 50% less antibody than who were less upset. Yes! The antibodies produced from the B cells against the flu virus are also influenced by our emotions. From this experiment it is crystalline clear that the positive emotions will improve the antibodies produced from B cell by just visualizing and feeling our positive emotions whereas visualizing and feeling negative emotions can cause decreased antibody production from B cell. Visualizing and feeling are the one of the fundamental principles by which NLP therapeutics works on. By transmutating negative emotions using the most miraculous and marvelous techniques of NLP we are able to restore the health and balance of the immune system. This makes one Immune to the viruses and bacteria.
At our labs, we were able to experimentally resolve several cases like allergy, sinusitis and recurrent upper respiratory tract infections by boosting immunity by transmutating negative emotions and enforcing positive emotions using NLP therapeutics. We have seen and witnessed cases that have made a spontaneous resolution of cases like allergy. Stress is always one of the most fundamental causes for increasing the risk for upper respiratory tract infections caused by gram positive bacteria. By extinguishing the negative emotions that harms us in our daily life using the NLP therapeutics we are able to restore the health of the upper airway tract.
In short by transmutating the negative emotions into positive emotions we are able to bring the balance into the immune system. By doing so we are bringing harmony in immune system by bringing harmony in emotions. This helps not only in bringing perfection of health but also helps in getting the control over anger by transforming the negative emotions that brings tragedies into our life. The fundamental base of achieving success is the inner ability of a person to transmutate his own negative emotions and the inner ability to enforce the mind with positive emotions during the therapeutics. In sum, the NLP therapeutics is highly effective and powerful enough to restore the imbalance in the immune system created by the suppression of the negative emotions.

(1) The Science of Emotions: Dr.Fahad Basheer


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