About 14.8 million American adults live with Major Depression according to National institute of Mental health. It is estimated that by 2020, Depression will become the 2nd most common leading disability after ischemic heart disease. Most of the people have a belief that Depression is something that occurs spontaneously and is a disorder that can never be restored. Depression in reality is not a disorder but a gradually developing sadness created due to suppressed anger over a long period of time. In other words anger turned inside. Depression is seen in individuals who suppress their negative emotions. Negative emotions are those emotions that make us feel bad about ourselves, others and at different situations of life. Depression is likely to be seen in individual who don’t have enough self-confidence to respond back to their bullies. When a person continues to suppress anger he stands at risk of moving to a mental state of hatred. The intensity of this hatred towards the people and situations for whom/ which the anger lies within him unexpressed will generally increase with the passage of time. This is because people who suppress their negative emotions generally try to vent their anger through internal criticism. They keep on playing and replaying their reactions in their mind thereby not allowing the mind to forgive and forget. They then move from this stage of hatred to either of the following two stages-
1) They may suddenly be so overwhelmed by this emotion that has been building up within them for some time that they may display a sudden outburst of outrage. This sudden emotional outburst is akin to a chronic abscess that suddenly puffs out. It may lead him to take some drastic step against the subject of his hatred, like murder. This depends on the beliefs and underlying emotions encoded in the sub conscious mind.
2) The second stage is that of extreme sadness on account of failure to accomplish goals dear to him or due to the lack of confidence to face a series of negative criticisms directed at him. Finally when the situation becomes unbearable he moves into a state of depression. Depression is a result of series of unexpressed anger or anger turned inwards. Such individuals are more likely to get into suicide tendencies.
In sum due to lack of confidence in individuals to face their bullies or situations, the unexpressed anger against their bullies or situations settle down deep within the unconscious mind over a period of time getting it converted to stage of hatred against their bullies or situations, this hatred later gets converted to a stage of extreme sadness that he or she is helpless against their bullies and situations, later this extreme sadness later gets in to the stage of depression characterized by extreme sadness and passivity in life.
People generally diagnosed with depression do not show any signs/ symptoms till they move into the state. They generally appear normal till the last minute before falling victim to this state. Any idea how it feels when one is in this stage? Well, it’s like continuing to load a hot and weary camel moving along the red hot desert sand. The poor thing though exhausted is laden further on reaching the next town. The camel has no choice but to continue to pull along for fear of his master who is constantly prodding him to move along often even wielding the stick. Finally when it reaches its destination it is so tired and worked out that it is unable to carry something as light as a leaf. The leaf falls down and so does the camel. Now if someone were to ask a casual onlooker why the camel fell he may say, “When the leaf was placed on it, it fell.” But only one who has been with the camel throughout its journey will know that it buckled down on account of exhaustion. This is exactly what happens when a person suppresses his emotions. He continues to be weighed down by the negative emotions adding others on the way and finally a day arrives when he cannot handle anymore and thus falls into a state of depression. Though others may put down his state to just the last incident known to them, in reality it is the sum total of all that he has experienced and hidden within himself over a passage of time. Once a person reaches a state of depression he/ she find life unbearable and may even wish to embrace death. Some even attempt/ commit suicide. But why? Well, it happens that such people are unable to bear the burden of uncontrolled emotions. The wave of emotions tries to find a vent. But lack of courage to face it head on, prevents them from opening up. Finally they succumb to the easiest way out- suicide. A vast majority of cases of depression go unnoticed/ undiagnosed. Sometimes it is the family of the victim that is the villain. The fear of losing face in society prevents them from providing timely medical aid to the victim.


(1) The Science Of Emotions: Dr. Fahad Basheer


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