The normal living cell is composed of a cell membrane, nucleus, DNA and mitochondria. Each organelle of the cell serves a particular major role in the human body. This functioning of each cell is crucial when it comes to sustaining the life of a cell. For example: mitochondrion of a cell is essential for the generation of ATP which is the molecular energy which is essential for the various metabolic reactions in a single cell to occur. The DNA, mRNA and the t RNA is essential for the transcription and the translation of various proteins and peptides that are essential for its daily growth and metabolism. The cell membrane consist of numerous receptors that allows the flux of Na+, K+, Cl-, H+ ions. The blood, plasma Extra cellular fluids and the intra cellular fluids of our body is composed of ions like H+, Na+, K+,Cl-, Ca2+.
At molecular level, each and every metabolic reaction occurs due to the interaction between two or more peptides or proteins. The protein in fact is nothing but a molecular structure made up of atoms like carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen. The reason for any reaction to occur between each molecule is nothing but due to the unpaired electron or electron deficiency in the reacting proteins. When the reaction occurs it is inevitable that electron jumps from one protein to another causing a creation of an electric current. In physics it is inevitable that the electric current cannot co-exist without magnetic field. There are more than trillion cells in our body and there are more than a 100 discovered metabolic reactions taking place at a time. This metabolic reaction is a continuous process until a man’s death. In the meantime a net huge amount of electromagnetic field is been generated within each cell. These electromagnetic fields only accounts for the contents in the cytoplasm of the each cell and the extracellular fluids.
The mitochondrion which is known as the store house of energy is the only source for the human cell which can derive energy for its survival. Without that it is tougher and difficult for the human cell to survive. If there is no mitochondrion we won’t ever get energy for our growth and development. The energy protein known as the ATP is formed in mitochondria as a result of continuous influx and efflux of H+ ions or protons across the mitochondrial membrane that help in the series of oxidation reduction chemical reactions to occur. These protons are nothing but a charge. In the principle of electromagnetism it is solid law that the movement of any charge creates electricity. And it is also evident that the magnetic field cannot co-exist without electricity. Thus it is foolproof that our mitochondria is constantly generating a 3 dimensional electromagnetic field that is constantly present in our when we play, walk, talk, eat, sleep, read etc. This is only about the electromagnetic field that generates from the power house of cell
Now here is the funniest and the coolest reality that makes us more amazed. There is no living cell in our body without a cell membrane. In the fluid mosaic model proposed by singer and Nicolson, we all know that there are millions of protein channels on the cell membrane that allows the flux of water and ions like, Na+, K+, Cl-, H+ and other ions. Yes, there are millions of ions crossing millions of protein channel over the cell membrane at a single time in each and every cells of human body. By the law of electromagnetics, there is influx of millions of ions creating a strong electrical current which in turn generating a powerful magnetic field. Thus a powerful electromagnetic field is created. Yes, every living cells of human body are endured with electromagnetic field that generated within and surrounding them. In truth, the living cells in our body cannot exist without this electromagnetic field. Thus the electromagnetic field of the cells in the human body determines then quality of metabolism and chemical reactions of a cell. Yes, it determines the Life of the cell. The weaker the electromagnetic field, the feeble and sluggish would be the metabolic reactions in the body. The stronger the electromagnetic field, the more excellent will be the metabolic reactions in the body. Each cell in our body has 1.4 volts of energy. And there are about 5 trillion cells in our body. In sum 14 x 5 trillion, approximately 7 trillion volts of energy is been generated in our body.
In sum, our human body is completely immersed in an electromagnetic field. The quality and strength of this electromagnetic field determines the quality of cell proteins, hormones, peptides, neurons and cells of the human body. This bio electromagnetic property is the fundamental principles by which even the MRI we use to scan our body works on. In the MRI machine, we are introducing the patient into the MRI system to visualize the internal organs. To get the image of these internal organs, we create a strong external magnetic field using high watt electro magnets in order for the protons (H+) in the human plasma to align in a single desired direction. There after we introduce a high frequency external energy to excite these protons in the human plasma that aligns in a single direction due to the external electromagnetic field that is created by the powerful electro magnets that we use in MRI. When we stop sending the external energy, these protons start giving back the captured energy. This incoming energy is then absorbed by a detector and is then converted to images using intervening devices in the MRI system. MRI is one of the medical scanning that is not hazardous to a patient.
Concluding our body is made up of constantly flowing ions, charges and electrons that constantly generates electromagnetic fields in the human body. This electromagnetic field beyond its capacity to generate molecular reaction also carries embedded information and set of rules known as “intelligence”. In fact, Electromagnetic field cannot exist without charged particles and at the same time charged particles cannot exist without electromagnetic field. Yes, the “intelligence” in the electromagnetic field determines the health and disease of the cells in our body.


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