Everybody loves to be young and healthy. But it’s true that one has to age as he passes through time. Our immune systems defense mechanism becomes impaired as we go older. But it is not necessary that everyone has to get aged. Yes! There are some exceptions. Some exceptions make you young. Stress, off course is a leading cause of aging. In a study, it was found that spouse and children who were given constant care and support lived 4-8 years more than rest of the group. The researchers discovered that subjects that lacked care and support had a decreased telomerase activity. Telomerase is an enzyme that is essential to increase the size of telomeres that are present at the tip of our chromosomes. These telomeres contain genetic information for replication and division of our cells. But as time passes, the size of the telomere decreases in size. Telomerase prevents the shortening of telomeres. When we are in stress, the cortisols (stress hormones) released from our adrenal gland inhibit the telomerase enzyme By inhibiting telomerase enzyme, cortisol find its way to age a person fast by decreasing the size of telomere that is essential for the replication and division of our cells.

Today, we have discovered that chronic stress can lead to premature aging of DNA. Stress is off course a tough enemy we have to deal with in our daily life.  According to American Psychological Association, in a stress in America survey they have found that about 48% of Americans have increased their stress level in the past 5 years. Stress can bud from marital, family, social, job and mental frictions. Studies have found that stress can lead to raised blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, peptic ulcer diseases, altered menstrual cycle and loss of libido. We think stress affects our health when we grow old and mature. But that’s not the reality of stress! Our stress begins right from the womb of our mother. It might be strange but it’s scientific and well established. A baby’s intrauterine environment is shaped by a mother’s pre existing physical health. In a study, it has been revealed that higher the prenatal anxiety in a mother, shorter wills the telomeres in the chromosomes of their children. In other study, it was revealed that a maltreatment, abuse, severe neglect and bad parenting could also affect the length of telomere in the chromosomes of our children. You might believe since we can’t change our genes, we won’t be able control our aging. We believe so because we were taught right from our schools that our life and health is determined by our genes. But the new emerging science like epigenetics have discovered that the environment (parenting, social relationships) have a big influence over our genes. A study by Colter Mitchel PhD have discovered that a warm and interactive high quality parenting have could prevent aging by preventing stress and promoting telomerase activity.

Aging is irreversible. But stress is reversible. Aging due to stress can age you age you up to 4-8 years. By extinguishing away our stress we can live about 4-8 years longer than rest of others. So how we will wipe away our stress? Stress takes its birth from our uncontrolled thoughts and emotions. If we ask ourselves, who is controlling our mind, is it us or our thoughts? We would definitely say it’s our thoughts. In order to extinguish away our stress we need to get control over our thoughts and emotions. Studies have discovered that the cortisols (stress hormones) are released in our body the moment we experience a negative thought. So imagine, how much negative thoughts we have to undergo during our daily life due to responsibilities in job, family and society and while encountering tough peoples even in a normal life. Yes!  Stress is a common enemy of a modern man. There are several ways available today to wipe away our stress.  NLP therapeutics, Meta thinking, mindfulness, aerobic exercises are a few of them. If you deeply desire to stay young, then I would suggest you to throw away your stress. In sum, positive thoughts and positive emotions are the secret keys to stay you young and healthy. In other words, it is an anti aging medicine.


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