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Emotions! Emotions are the medium through which we understand and apprehend each other’s attitude and stand towards the different situations of life. Emotions can be either pleasant or bitter. Positive emotions like love, joy and happiness give us the taste of the most pleasant pleasures of life. Whereas the bitter emotions like anger, disgust, hatred gives us heaviness in our chest and a bad feeling towards others and different incidences of our life. If we don’t Trans mutate these negative emotions they are more likely to get settled in the deepest portions of our mind. While most of us find difficult to manage these uprising negative emotions and may over react to situation and towards others, this cause them to loose relationships and work. Whereas most of us suppress these negative emotions in order to prevent hurting friends, family and coworkers and to get settled in work for acquiring pennies for daily bread. But do you know that suppression of negative emotions can imbalance ones immune system. Yes! Suppressing negative emotions can create an imbalance in the immune system of our body.
Studies have discovered that people who suppress their anger are likely to suffer a lot in their life. Though they save relationships from going sour, they generally end up being bitter. They find it difficult to find joy in the relationship as earlier, unless they transmutate their anger. Suppressed anger can trigger off stress patterns in our body. People who tend to suppress their anger or any other negative emotions have a decreased cell mediated immunity which is essential for the body to combat intracellular microorganisms that invade it, decreased blood monocytes that are essential for maintain immunity, elevated eosinophil which predisposes him to get more chances of getting allergy, poor NK activity that predisposes one to higher risk of viral infection and high serum EBV antibody titers indicating higher risk of infections like infectious mononucleosis. It was found that they also exhibit decreased levels of CD3 and CD8 lymphocytes. In short they save relationships yet lose out on health by the disruption of immune system thus increasing their chances for bacterial and viral infections. Some of them suppress their anger on account of fear or lack of inner courage to express their feelings in a refined manner. But this can also badly affect the immune system of our body. (1)

Here is a twist in the story of people who express their anger and negative emotions. The people who express their anger and negative emotions generally are the ones who let go off the emotion easily unlike some who live with it constantly for or a long time, even though they lose their relationships. Such people surprisingly have an increased NK Cell activity and decreased autonomic activity and change in blood reactivity to mitogens with rise in helper T cells and total lymphocyte counts. Such people can save their body but loose his relationships. After all loosing relationships is one of the major contributors to one’s stress! (1)

In sum, suppression of negative emotions can create an imbalance in immune system and increased susceptibility for viral infections and allergic reactions. And expressing the negative emotions can make people lose their precious relationships. So there comes a truth that both expressing and suppressing emotions can cause damage for a person. And the question comes then what is the solution in extinguishing the negative emotions that we experience in our daily life that imbalances our immune system.
In 2003 Dr. Richard Davidson and colleagues at university of Wisconsin – Madison investigated the impact of emotions on Flu. In it 52 participants were asked to recall the best and worst times of their life while having a brain scan. Next volunteers were given flu vaccine, and their flu antibodies were measured in serum after 6 months. It was discovered that the subjects who experienced negative emotions according to brain activity had fewer antibodies and the subjects who experienced the worst has 50% less antibody than who were less upset. Yes! The antibodies produced from the B cells against the flu virus are also influenced by our emotions. From this experiment it is crystalline clear that the positive emotions will improve the antibodies produced from B cell by just visualizing and feeling our positive emotions whereas visualizing and feeling negative emotions can cause decreased antibody production from B cell. Visualizing and feeling are the one of the fundamental principles by which NLP therapeutics works on. By transmutating negative emotions using the most miraculous and marvelous techniques of NLP we are able to restore the health and balance of the immune system. This makes one Immune to the viruses and bacteria.
At our labs, we were able to experimentally resolve several cases like allergy, sinusitis and recurrent upper respiratory tract infections by boosting immunity by transmutating negative emotions and enforcing positive emotions using NLP therapeutics. We have seen and witnessed cases that have made a spontaneous resolution of cases like allergy. Stress is always one of the most fundamental causes for increasing the risk for upper respiratory tract infections caused by gram positive bacteria. By extinguishing the negative emotions that harms us in our daily life using the NLP therapeutics we are able to restore the health of the upper airway tract.
In short by transmutating the negative emotions into positive emotions we are able to bring the balance into the immune system. By doing so we are bringing harmony in immune system by bringing harmony in emotions. This helps not only in bringing perfection of health but also helps in getting the control over anger by transforming the negative emotions that brings tragedies into our life. The fundamental base of achieving success is the inner ability of a person to transmutate his own negative emotions and the inner ability to enforce the mind with positive emotions during the therapeutics. In sum, the NLP therapeutics is highly effective and powerful enough to restore the imbalance in the immune system created by the suppression of the negative emotions.

(1) The Science of Emotions: Dr.Fahad Basheer




Dr. Fahad Basheer                                                                              Author of “The Science of Emotions

 It happened while I was attending one of the most beautiful and amazing courses of the world. The RSNLP course of the international trainer Adv. Mueenudheen. Where for the first time I witnessed the total resolution varicose veins in a woman of 50s. This miracle happened when I was given an opportunity to do an NLP therapeutic approach for specifically treating varicose veins by interfering the root cause for the emotions that is suspected to be the psychosomatic cause for this particular disease. It was from a mother I’ve got the idea of healing mind body disorders that successfully treated her Childs psoriasis using the simplest techniques of NLP. Varicose veins are characterized by large tortuous veins that extend across the lower legs under the skin. The medical textbooks I’ve gone through bailey during my medical graduation defines its mechanical cause to be the incompetence of valves in the saphenofemoral junction and at perforators. They believe it is due to the long standing occupation that predisposes one to get the varicose veins apart from other causes for varicose veins. Which in fact is impossible on one hand because the surgeons who operatesseveral cases for a long period of time with enthusiasm and passion don’t get the same varicose veins. But it does occur in people who stands for a long time in a place or situation he or she hates feeling overworked and overburdened. And that miracle happened in minutes just before my eyes where several others therapists witnessed this event. The bulged out varicose veins resolved back. The leg which was wired with bulged and tortuous veins have vanished leaving behind the normal skin. The woman astonished by the miracle, thanking god she said: it has been years that she had been suffering from this chronic illness that handicapped her to an extent to carry out her daily routine activities due to its heaviness and pain in her lower limbs.

This was my first experience on curing the first mind body disorder that appeared before me. This motivated me to do an extensive research on the mind body connection and its impact on the health. From that point of time I came to know the power of human emotions that was capable to disease and cure the physical body. The mind, body and consciousness exist as a cybernetic loop in which the 3 systems are highly interlinked and dependent on each other. Any simple alternations in any one of the system can affect the other two systems regardless of time and space. This is the point where the laws of quantum physics become nakedly visible. I repeat the truth again: “The mind body and soul are interlinked each other independent of time and space” This forms the vital base of my theory. A theory that is bold and brave enough to explain the most fundamental and puzzling questions about the mind body continuum that have passed through the centuries.

Researchers conducted a study in a US military base. They collected leucocytes from a donor and extracted the DNA. Thereafter, the donor was kept in a room at the military base and was subjected to emotional stimulation by showing him various video clips. These clips were capable of generating different emotions in the donor. The result was amazing. It was noted that the donor’s extracted DNA exhibited the same electrical response as that of the donor himself and that too simultaneously without any time lag.  In the follow-up to this experiment, the researchers dispatched the DNA sample approx. 350 miles away from the military base camp housing the donor. The experiment was repeated. There was no change in the DNA’s response. The results were the same. It continued to be affected by the donor’s changing moods and feelings. It was then strongly established that the DNA has a wireless connect with its owner and his/her emotions. This connection is independent of time and space. Living cells and human emotions communicate through a form of energy that exists everywhere and at all times. From this experiment it is evident that our emotions can influence the very own living cells of our body independent of time and space. The question lies in how this miracle happens? In my book “The Science of Emotions” I have put forth the new inevitable theory of quantum mechanics that is majestic enough to explain this mind body connection that works independent of time and space.

I call that theory of reality as “THE FAHADS MIND BODY QUANTUM EFFECT”.  An effect that takes place independent of time and space.  I put forth the quantum mechanics that integrates into the mind body system explaining every single puzzling phenomena of the mind body continuum. When the wave function of one atom A coalesces with the wave function of another atom B, both the atoms are in a state of entanglement. When we place atom A at one corner of the earth and atom B elsewhere and then bring about changes in atom A, atom B is affected. It too exhibits the same changes and that too at the same time independent of time and place. This phenomenon is known as ‘quantum entanglement.’ In experiments conducted, laser beams were fired through a certain type of crystal thereby causing individual photons to split into pairs of entangled photons. These split photons were then separated and placed miles away. It was seen that photon A takes an up-spin state.  The entangled photon B though several miles away, took up a state relative to that of photon A (in this case a down-spin state). Any change induced in photon A was reflected in photon B at the very moment it was induced in A. This happened independent of time and space. Hence in quantum entanglement multiple particles are linked together such that the measurement of one particle’s quantum state determines the possible quantum state of the others. This unique and extraordinary phenomenon in the quantum mechanics is just the same that happens in the mind body continuum. According to the “THE FAHADS MIND BODY QUANTUM EFFECT” states that: “When the wave function of atoms of the human mind is coalesced with the wave function of the atoms of the human body, any change brought about in the atoms of the human mind (in the form of thoughts or emotions) affects the atoms (carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen etc) of human body independent of time and space”.

The human mind is an electromagnetic energy field that exists throughout body that can never be localized in the brain. This field carries information that decides the nature and functioning of the living cells.  In a study it was found that adrenaline produced in the body acts specifically on the receptors that it had to, while the adrenaline that was injected from outside (which was not produced in the body) acted randomly at all the receptors. Which clearly proves that the adrenaline produced in the body carried ‘information’ that the exogenous adrenaline did not have. This information is the matrix that decides the functioning of the cells. This matrix is influenced by the electromagnetic field of mind that comprises of information in the forms of emotions or thoughts. From this I postulate that: “the information in the human mind influences the matrix that governs the functioning of living cells in the form of energy”.

The question is “Is this possible?”  Does this postulation really happen in real biology of life? The information carried in the human mind is none other than our emotions and thoughts. Our emotions exist in our body in the form of electromagnetic waves that can be detected and mapped with the modern technologies. From a research it had been found out that the positive emotions like love had high frequency and lower wave length while the negative emotions like fear had lower frequency and higher wavelength. Due to their respective wave nature of emotions, Positive emotions like Love due to its high frequency it was able to act at multiple focal points on the DNAs antenna causing DNA to relax and express its codons to translate the respective proteins whereas the negative emotions like Fear was able to act at few focal points causing less expression of the DNAs codons. From this experiment, it is evident that depending on the information in the emotions, the activity and functioning of the DNA of the cell is influenced and regulated. From this ground breaking research I postulate that:” Depending upon the information in the human mind the activity and functioning of the living cells changes accordingly”. In other words if the information in the mind is positive, the living cells exhibit positive results and positive outcomes and if the information in the mind in negative, the living cells exhibit negative results and negative outcomes.  From this research I further extend the postulation as: “If the information in the human mind is positive the functioning of the cells will be in a positive state and if the information in the human mind is negative the functioning of the living cells will be in a negative state”

So by summating my new theory on the mind body connection:

(1) The mind body and soul are interlinked each other independent of time and space.

(2) When the wave function of atoms of the human mind is coalesced with the wave function of the atoms of the human body, any change brought about in the atoms of the human mind (in the form of thoughts or emotions) affects the atoms (carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen etc) of human body independent of time and space. This is known as The Fahads Mind Body Quantum Effect.

(3) The information in the human mind influences the matrix that governs the functioning of living cells in the form of energy.

(4) Depending upon the information in the human mind the activity and functioning of the living cells changes accordingly

(5) If the information in the human mind is positive the functioning of the cells will be in a positive state and if the information in the human mind is negative the functioning of the living cells will be in a negative state.



Dr.Fahad Basheer 

Autoimmune Disorders! Autoimmune disorders are a group of disorders in which our immune cells destroys our own cells. Thyroid disorders, Diabetes, Systemic lupus erythematosis etc. are few of the examples of autoimmune disorders. Still today the etiology of autoimmune disorders is unknown. This makes the modern medicine to write its cause as idiopathic. Most of the pathology of diseases in our body is mediated by immune cells. But what do you know about how our emotions control our immune cells that decides the nature of autoimmune disorders.

Dr. Candace pert in her research discovered that cells in our body communicate with each other in the form of neuropeptides. This neuropeptides act as vehicle that carries information from one cell to the other. These neuropeptides brings an action in a cell by binding to the receptors present over the cells. By doing so these neuropeptides conveys information to the cell’s DNA and brings an amazing reaction in cells. The process of binding of neuropeptides over cell receptors is known as “sex on a molecular level”.

But the turning point of the research was when Dr. Candace pert discovered that 85 -95% of neuropeptides are found in the limbic system including amygdala, hippocampus and the limbic cortex. These are known as the storehouse of emotions in the brain. In 1920, researchers have been successful in stimulating the limbic cortex over amygdala. Pert found high concentrations of neuropeptides in these locations (limbic system) where the information from our 5 senses is relayed. This brought a new light of discovery that limbic system had an amazing connection with the neuropeptides that carries information. The limbic system in other words conveyed the information of emotions to these neuropeptides.

Later, she discovered that the receptors for these neuropeptides were also found on the immune cells. For every Neuropeptide that was found in the brain; the immune cell had the exact receptor for these neuropeptides to bind. This was the most groundbreaking discoveries of all of them. Because it has proved that our immune system constantly communicates with limbic system of our brain through neuropeptides. In other words the program of emotions was conveyed to the Immune cells. The nature of emotions exactly exhibited the behavior of immune cells.  If the emotions were destructive, immune cells too exhibited destructive behavior causing destruction of body’s own cells.

I call this phenomena of transferring emotions from the limbic system to body as the “The paradigm shift of Emotions”.  Because I later experimentally proved this discovery by application of NLP psychotherapeutics over my clients with autoimmune disorders. I reprogrammed their emotions with the world’s best known psychotherapeutic tools of the 21st century. This gave me the most amazing and marvelous results by a total resolution of the autoimmune disorders in some of my clients. While some of them had a marked decrease in the clinical presentations of symptoms and signs of autoimmune disorder. The emotions transferred from limbic system in coded later in the cells of our body known as Biomemmory. In other words cells in our body share the information of our emotions. Each organ in our body is virtually a battery of emotions too. The negative emotions being harbored in the respective site was the other possibility of the site of development of pathology or the disorder.

The findings that I discovered from my psychotherapeutic experience was that: The self-destructive emotions like self-criticism, guilt, revenge was the most top rated negative emotions which created the self-destructive programs in the immune cells that caused the immune cells to attack its own body cells. When we was successful in reprogramming the negative emotions with the positive emotions with the NLP psychotherapeutics, we discovered that there was a total resolution of autoimmune disorders and on the other hand who dint totally resolved from the autoimmune disorder had a marginal decrease in the symptoms and signs of autoimmune disorder. It was found that positive emotions like love, care, affection, forgiveness and letting go applied in the psychotherapeutics were highly powerful to completely heal and resolve autoimmune disorders of the clients.

Yes! By programming our emotions we are able to program the functioning of the immune cells in our body because the behavior of immune cells was nothing but the behavior of the human emotions. In short “Each neuropeptide is nothing but a vehicle that carries information on emotions stored in the brain. So whenever the brain releases these neuropeptides an emotion will be embedded in them in the form of information. Whenever these neuropeptides bind to a cell receptor this embedded emotion will be transferred to the DNA of the immune cells. The transferred information of emotions programs the DNA to transcript and translate to produce its protein. In sum each emotion will lead to the synthesis of a particular type of protein in the body.” And the “nature of emotions determine the nature of message carried by the neuropeptides and the information in these neuropeptides will determine the behavior of the immune cells of our body”. “Self-Destructive emotions will force immune system of our body to attack body’s own cells creating autoimmune disorders whereas Self-constructive emotions are able to bring about resolution and healing of the autoimmune disorders. Thus by programming the emotions using NLP psychotherapeutics we are able to heal the autoimmune disorders that the modern medicine is fighting hard to cure with steroids and immunomodulators”.


1) The Science of Emotions: Dr. Fahad Basheer