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Dr.Fahad Basheer 

Autoimmune Disorders! Autoimmune disorders are a group of disorders in which our immune cells destroys our own cells. Thyroid disorders, Diabetes, Systemic lupus erythematosis etc. are few of the examples of autoimmune disorders. Still today the etiology of autoimmune disorders is unknown. This makes the modern medicine to write its cause as idiopathic. Most of the pathology of diseases in our body is mediated by immune cells. But what do you know about how our emotions control our immune cells that decides the nature of autoimmune disorders.

Dr. Candace pert in her research discovered that cells in our body communicate with each other in the form of neuropeptides. This neuropeptides act as vehicle that carries information from one cell to the other. These neuropeptides brings an action in a cell by binding to the receptors present over the cells. By doing so these neuropeptides conveys information to the cell’s DNA and brings an amazing reaction in cells. The process of binding of neuropeptides over cell receptors is known as “sex on a molecular level”.

But the turning point of the research was when Dr. Candace pert discovered that 85 -95% of neuropeptides are found in the limbic system including amygdala, hippocampus and the limbic cortex. These are known as the storehouse of emotions in the brain. In 1920, researchers have been successful in stimulating the limbic cortex over amygdala. Pert found high concentrations of neuropeptides in these locations (limbic system) where the information from our 5 senses is relayed. This brought a new light of discovery that limbic system had an amazing connection with the neuropeptides that carries information. The limbic system in other words conveyed the information of emotions to these neuropeptides.

Later, she discovered that the receptors for these neuropeptides were also found on the immune cells. For every Neuropeptide that was found in the brain; the immune cell had the exact receptor for these neuropeptides to bind. This was the most groundbreaking discoveries of all of them. Because it has proved that our immune system constantly communicates with limbic system of our brain through neuropeptides. In other words the program of emotions was conveyed to the Immune cells. The nature of emotions exactly exhibited the behavior of immune cells.  If the emotions were destructive, immune cells too exhibited destructive behavior causing destruction of body’s own cells.

I call this phenomena of transferring emotions from the limbic system to body as the “The paradigm shift of Emotions”.  Because I later experimentally proved this discovery by application of NLP psychotherapeutics over my clients with autoimmune disorders. I reprogrammed their emotions with the world’s best known psychotherapeutic tools of the 21st century. This gave me the most amazing and marvelous results by a total resolution of the autoimmune disorders in some of my clients. While some of them had a marked decrease in the clinical presentations of symptoms and signs of autoimmune disorder. The emotions transferred from limbic system in coded later in the cells of our body known as Biomemmory. In other words cells in our body share the information of our emotions. Each organ in our body is virtually a battery of emotions too. The negative emotions being harbored in the respective site was the other possibility of the site of development of pathology or the disorder.

The findings that I discovered from my psychotherapeutic experience was that: The self-destructive emotions like self-criticism, guilt, revenge was the most top rated negative emotions which created the self-destructive programs in the immune cells that caused the immune cells to attack its own body cells. When we was successful in reprogramming the negative emotions with the positive emotions with the NLP psychotherapeutics, we discovered that there was a total resolution of autoimmune disorders and on the other hand who dint totally resolved from the autoimmune disorder had a marginal decrease in the symptoms and signs of autoimmune disorder. It was found that positive emotions like love, care, affection, forgiveness and letting go applied in the psychotherapeutics were highly powerful to completely heal and resolve autoimmune disorders of the clients.

Yes! By programming our emotions we are able to program the functioning of the immune cells in our body because the behavior of immune cells was nothing but the behavior of the human emotions. In short “Each neuropeptide is nothing but a vehicle that carries information on emotions stored in the brain. So whenever the brain releases these neuropeptides an emotion will be embedded in them in the form of information. Whenever these neuropeptides bind to a cell receptor this embedded emotion will be transferred to the DNA of the immune cells. The transferred information of emotions programs the DNA to transcript and translate to produce its protein. In sum each emotion will lead to the synthesis of a particular type of protein in the body.” And the “nature of emotions determine the nature of message carried by the neuropeptides and the information in these neuropeptides will determine the behavior of the immune cells of our body”. “Self-Destructive emotions will force immune system of our body to attack body’s own cells creating autoimmune disorders whereas Self-constructive emotions are able to bring about resolution and healing of the autoimmune disorders. Thus by programming the emotions using NLP psychotherapeutics we are able to heal the autoimmune disorders that the modern medicine is fighting hard to cure with steroids and immunomodulators”.


1) The Science of Emotions: Dr. Fahad Basheer




Romance! Romance is an unlimited passion for your partner. This passion is inevitably vital for nurturing happiness and joy in our relationship. Romance forms a fundamental base of our sexual life. Sex without romance is like body without a soul. Romance arises out of love for your partner. Romance keeps our life beautiful and evergreen. It brings the most valuable moments in to your life. Being in romance make one addicted in the melody of the beauty of life. The Romance is one of the most pleasurable and joyful feelings a man can experience in his life.  The healthier ones romantic life the better he or she will be satisfied in their relationship. This will sprout out the bliss in to their life keeping their family joyful and fulfilling. But there are instances when the romance in our life gets fade. This causes all the happiness and pleasurable moments to dwindle away. One of the most common causes for this is “the stress” that we encounter in our daily life.

Hormones in our body play a vital role in our body in flourishing romance. These hormones are responsible for what we feel while we are in romance. There are two major hormones which plays a vital role in women that creates romance. The Oxytocin in women forces her to bond with her partner. This hormones cause an increase in her commitment for her partner. Oxytocin takes birth when a woman is overcome by a sense of safety and warmth or when she is nurturing her ward Estrogen is the most vital hormone that takes her in to the mood. This hormone generally spikes at the ovulation period. Estrogen is the hormone that evokes lust in women. While in Men, Testosterone is the most striking hormone that evokes lust in men. This testosterone is released when there is a visual stimulation of opposite sex or when there is urgency for sex. Testosterone is released when the Men are overcome by a sense of urgency, sacrifice or is in the problem solving mode.

An excellent scientific explanation on how the stress steals romance from marital life. Let me give you a short synopsis of my article. Cortisols is a group of deleterious hormones that are produced from the cortex of the adrenal gland when we are at Stress. Testosterone in males and estrogen in females are the most vital hormone that produced from the Leydig cells of testes and granulosa cells of ovary respectively, when couples are in romance.Pregenelone is the mother hormone in the adrenal gland from which, the building blocks of Cortisols, testosterone and estrogen are formed.So what happens when we are at stress? Cortisols are produced in greater amount, so a lions share of Progenelone will be utilized for producing cortisols every second. As a result, only a less amount of Pregenelone will be available for production of testosterone and estrogen which gives the physical manifestation of romance. This is the reason why, couples experiencing psycho-social stress budding from economic, family, and personal obstacles; find themselves lack of interest and romance in their marital life. But if people trains themselves to find more time for delightful moments of family life indulged in romance and positive parenting, much of the Pregenelone will be fluxed for the production testosterone and estrogen creating psycho-physiological coherence. As a result, very less adrenaline is produced even though the person are exposed to stressful situations. This is the reason why, people with happy family life, enjoy their job and surroundings.Yes! These hormones are inevitable in blooming romance in both sexes. Both estrogen and testosterone takes birth from a mother hormone known as DHEA

The male body requires 30 times more testosterone than the female oxytocin to be able to cope with a similar stress level. This is the reason why men loose romance faster than women.

So by increasing romance we will be able to wipe out stress away from our life. Let us have a look at the top 5 strategies and use them to increase our romance.

(1) Be sincere, open and frank, this opens up ones heart causing oxytocin to release to create bonding with the partner.

(2) Avoid unnecessary works that steals away the time to spare with you family and spend your time with your partner. This creates a sense of commitment in her causing to release more oxytocin. This creates more commitment.

(3) Have some trips and create some of the most memorable events in your life with your partner. This will cause to release more dopamine and serotonin. These events will later motivate you to spare more time with her.

(4) Practice mindfulness, it calms our mind and reduce our stress. This will shunt more of the DHEA to produce the romantic hormones.

(5)Be in romance, this will cut down the production of adrenaline!

Live your life in romance!