Happiness is indeed an immaterial experience which every one feels in the most special occasions of life.On one hand, Neuroscientists, nowadays, are very keen to understand the psycho-physiology of happiness and its benefits on health. To cite a relevant example,in a study published in the Journal of Brain Behavior and Immunity 2006, they discovered that 81 graduates after receiving the first two doses of Hepatitis B, the participants who acquired higher scores in the rating of positive emotions were able to produce twice the level of normal antibody response to the vaccine, which simply means Positive emotions enhances immune response at cellular level. (1)
On the other hand Social psychologists are dedicating their precious time to find the paramount factors which help in sustaining happiness. Some of them discovered the following parameters to measure happiness of an individual.
(1) Having control over your life. Working in a superior position rather than working under a boss makes you more happier as you enjoy the freedom and control over your life by adjusting work life balance.
(2) Having good marital relationship and supportive family. Research have discovered unmarried couples tend to be more unhappy than married couples.
(3) Having a best friend. In a study , it was revealed that a best friend was worth $5000 Dollars. Friend is indispensably a factor of happiness.
(4) Having an enjoyable job. Statistics reveal that unemployed men are more unhappier than the employed men. Because having a job ensures one hope and stability in his family life.
( 5) Having the power to influence the political power of a nation. People living in a democratic countries enjoy a national happiness by enjoying the right to choose its own government that the citizens of Dictatorial nations doesn’t have.
Even though these factors apparently influences our happiness, it is not necessary that you can enjoy your life based on the evidences build on the general statistical postulates. It is because it have missed the most fundamental concept that determines your happiness. Lets find out more about that!
Today, the Neuroscience have proven that the 90% of long term happiness is determined by the way how we perceive the external world, not on the external factors (as mentioned above) which gives one pleasure and happiness. Metaphysically, all the external factors indeed gives you happiness and it is a crystal clear experience for everyone. But, when it comes to reality, It is even capable of giving the worst and unimaginable tragedies in ones life when he loose these external pleasures. Besides no one can assure a granted promise that all this pleasures of the external world will be in favor for you. Sometimes its just opposite or even in its extremes.
Concluding, internal happiness is inevitably the pure and everlasting source of happiness which takes birth from the innate nature of human beings at birth as well as the miraculous way in which our brains perceive the external world,which is in turn again governed by our past positive and negative experiences, beliefs and emotions.
Dr. Fahad Basheer
Author “The Science of Emotions”
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Everybody loves to be young and healthy. But it’s true that one has to age as he passes through time. Our immune systems defense mechanism becomes impaired as we go older. But it is not necessary that everyone has to get aged. Yes! There are some exceptions. Some exceptions make you young. Stress, off course is a leading cause of aging. In a study, it was found that spouse and children who were given constant care and support lived 4-8 years more than rest of the group. The researchers discovered that subjects that lacked care and support had a decreased telomerase activity. Telomerase is an enzyme that is essential to increase the size of telomeres that are present at the tip of our chromosomes. These telomeres contain genetic information for replication and division of our cells. But as time passes, the size of the telomere decreases in size. Telomerase prevents the shortening of telomeres. When we are in stress, the cortisols (stress hormones) released from our adrenal gland inhibit the telomerase enzyme By inhibiting telomerase enzyme, cortisol find its way to age a person fast by decreasing the size of telomere that is essential for the replication and division of our cells.

Today, we have discovered that chronic stress can lead to premature aging of DNA. Stress is off course a tough enemy we have to deal with in our daily life.  According to American Psychological Association, in a stress in America survey they have found that about 48% of Americans have increased their stress level in the past 5 years. Stress can bud from marital, family, social, job and mental frictions. Studies have found that stress can lead to raised blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, peptic ulcer diseases, altered menstrual cycle and loss of libido. We think stress affects our health when we grow old and mature. But that’s not the reality of stress! Our stress begins right from the womb of our mother. It might be strange but it’s scientific and well established. A baby’s intrauterine environment is shaped by a mother’s pre existing physical health. In a study, it has been revealed that higher the prenatal anxiety in a mother, shorter wills the telomeres in the chromosomes of their children. In other study, it was revealed that a maltreatment, abuse, severe neglect and bad parenting could also affect the length of telomere in the chromosomes of our children. You might believe since we can’t change our genes, we won’t be able control our aging. We believe so because we were taught right from our schools that our life and health is determined by our genes. But the new emerging science like epigenetics have discovered that the environment (parenting, social relationships) have a big influence over our genes. A study by Colter Mitchel PhD have discovered that a warm and interactive high quality parenting have could prevent aging by preventing stress and promoting telomerase activity.

Aging is irreversible. But stress is reversible. Aging due to stress can age you age you up to 4-8 years. By extinguishing away our stress we can live about 4-8 years longer than rest of others. So how we will wipe away our stress? Stress takes its birth from our uncontrolled thoughts and emotions. If we ask ourselves, who is controlling our mind, is it us or our thoughts? We would definitely say it’s our thoughts. In order to extinguish away our stress we need to get control over our thoughts and emotions. Studies have discovered that the cortisols (stress hormones) are released in our body the moment we experience a negative thought. So imagine, how much negative thoughts we have to undergo during our daily life due to responsibilities in job, family and society and while encountering tough peoples even in a normal life. Yes!  Stress is a common enemy of a modern man. There are several ways available today to wipe away our stress.  NLP therapeutics, Meta thinking, mindfulness, aerobic exercises are a few of them. If you deeply desire to stay young, then I would suggest you to throw away your stress. In sum, positive thoughts and positive emotions are the secret keys to stay you young and healthy. In other words, it is an anti aging medicine.


Recently i got into an interview as a part of my assessment. The interviewer asked me about the existence of consciousness, which usually everyone knows . Although it was a predictable question, yet an unexpected question for a beginner. On hearing the question, a puzzle of twists and tricks shrieked through my mind. Yes! its those twists i would like to unwind today here on my wall.

Consciousness is defined and explained to public and pupils in diverse ways. Philosophy, religion, spirituality, metaphysics and often jargons has its own explanation and views. Sometimes its sheer waste of time trying to explain an incomprehensible entity, while on the other hand its the only awesome entity which can give clues to the beginning and end of the universe. Hmm, though it sounds philosophical, some have explored into the science of consciousness. And its results are astounding! at times, its brainstorming too.The question was a little bit twisting, just like a chicken and egg paradox.

He asked: ‘I say consciousness is a symptom of life. In your opinion, which evolved first, consciousness or life? Magnifico! thats an awesome question. And it was so nostalgic at the same time! I have heard that similar word before. New Agey, i suppose! My guess was absolutely right though forbidden.Later on I’ve came to know the interviewer was a superb reader as well as a great follower of New age culture in the west, from the bullets of twisting questionnaire he shot at me. However, i had to dwindle my answer because i knew the interviewer was expecting a metaphysical answer rather than an experimentally proved thesis that obviously needs a scientific validation. To be suboptimal, i ended the scenario with a simple practical answer ” both consciousness and life are interlinked, there is no life without consciousness and there is no consciousness without life”. Anyway, It was a pleasant experience to meet a rare personality.

Furthermore, evidences and researches are aplenty to comprehend this puzzling questions which have sow as many as seeds of quest in seekers of consciousness. Its interesting to see day by day new discoveries and experimental models been published journals worldwide. I have a fundamental base for my answer though it may appear as mere words to suffix that situation. And that fundamental base had been the fundamental base for many researchers and scientist to dedicate their life to explore into the expounding secrets of the consciousness. So lets jump into that fundamental base which everyone talks about!

I think you are familiar with Youngs double slit experiment in physics. Obviously its were we learned that an atom has a particle and a wave nature at the same time. To sum up the experiment quickly, when a beam of light (photons) is passed through a slit, it was observed that a single fringe of light appeared over the screen. ( which means particle nature of photons ). However, on certain circumstances, the screen displayed multiple fringes of light ( which means wave nature of photons). This was of-course an experimental evidence for wave nature too, but thats not the point what we need to discuss about.

see figure 1 to refresh your memories.

Moreover, that doesn’t tells us the whole story. But what matters the most is the incident which happened a few moment later in the experiment. “That Trick of Universe Puzzled The Greatest Minds”. Perhaps that was the title which you might have read at the top of my article. Its almost time, i guess. You might have lost somewhere reading the whole article to know whats happening at the end of the article.

see figure 2 before reading the next passage.

I hope you might or might not have understood the figure. To make it shorter, whenever we physically observed the photons (atoms) in the experiment, it behaved like like particles. However, when we turned our attention away from the photons (atoms) , it behaved like waves. Which literally means that our consciousness can physically influence the behaviour of atoms or in other words the destiny (decree) of atoms of universe. To exemplify, our thoughts and emotions that constitutes the fundamental blocks of consciousness in a human body can some how influence or determine the direction of the atoms of the universe which is in other words are the reality of what we perceive with our 5+1 senses which makes the past, present and future of the universe . Thats the reason why i said “consciousness and life are interconnected” like the old sayings
Mashriq (sunrise) and Maghreb (sunset).

Dr. Fahad Basheer
Author The Science of Emotions